Five Writers on What It Means to Be a Friend


In his post on turning 40, Sean P. Carlin writes: “The definition of friendship has become muddled in a digital world where ‘friends’ are made every day through the mindless, mostly passive act of clicking ‘Accept’ on our social-media platforms.” The ways we meet, interact, and communicate with friends, new and old, are shifting. Today, what does friend mean to you?

To celebrate International Day of Friendship on July 30, here are five different takes on friendship.

The value of old friends

What a gift to talk about the past, with someone who knew me in a way that no one I met afterwards could ever know me. Long forgotten memories surfaced as we visited our old school together and roamed the streets we knew so well. We gave each other insights that made us more complete, pieces of understanding that connect our adult personality and ways of being with…

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