Are Lesbian Characters Viewed as a Safer Depiction of LGBT Characters in Children’s Television Compared to Gay Characters?


There are many out there who believe that animated television shows are the best they have ever been, especially those aimed at children and young adults. Within these shows, representation for LGBT characters has dramatically increased over the past few years. However, when looking into these depictions, I noticed that in them, especially for shows aimed at younger audiences, the LGBT representation was more greatly seen in female characters.

It seems that recently, it has become more acceptable for older audiences to enjoy animated television shows. I, to an extent, am one of those people. Shows like Adventure Time, The Legend of Korra, and Steven Universe are all aimed at a younger audience, but have brought in older viewers due to some of the more adult themes and topics addressed within them. They also have another feature in common. They all feature female or female coded characters who are or…

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