Michael Jackson -They Don’t Care About Us

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

michael-jackson-1194269_640When I watched this video today I didn’t remember hearing it before. I wasn’t a die hard MJ fan so although I have heard many songs throughout the years, this one passed me by. Maybe, at that time, it didn’t have the same meaning to me then that it does today. The message is powerful.

The irony, though, is that he is talking about the black man, and the underclass of minorities, yet he did everything he could to alter his physical self to look as white as possible because he didn’t like being black and having black features. He even tried to pass off his whiteness as a skin disease instead of it being what it was – lightened skin – he wanted to be white. To sing a song that says, “They don’t care about us,” never applied to him and his privileges. He never lived as an…

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