The Trailhead

Many of the homes I’ve lived in, over the time I spent in them, came to be invested with a lot of emotional significance. Home and place are sensitive concepts for me. When I love a home, I have a lot of sadness — more than is perhaps entirely proportional — moving out of it. When I don’t love a home, I don’t. When I love a home, I can’t drive by it or go back to it for a long time after. I sold the home I had when my son was born, a walkout ranch tucked into a small neighborhood off Indianapolis’ Michigan Road, twelve years ago.  It was the first home I owned, and it sat on an acre overlooking Crooked Creek, and had 1100 square feet of two-story deck from which I could take in the nature preserve. When my ex-husband and I moved to Portland…

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“Just a Rose” presentation

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

“Just a Rose”, a poem from my book “Just Thinking”, is one that I am particularly attached to as it took very little time to write. That does not happen very often! It focuses on the simplicity of a rose’s life as compared to the complexities of our own… and ends with a prevailing question of life fulfillment.

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The cold war is far from over in ‘Atomic Blonde’ (Interaksyon)

Wanggo Online

I really, really wanted to love Atomic Blonde. Charlize Theron is a goddess and I promised myself I was going to watch all her movies. But I was a little disappointed with this film. Maybe I had too much expectations but I felt that the plot was told in a convoluted manner and the pacing was dragging in many parts.

The action is great, though, and Charlize Theron is mesmerizing. You really are just watching it for her and she fills that screen. It’s quite amazing.

Read my review here: The cold war is far from over in ‘Atomic Blonde’ (Interaksyon).

atomic-blonde Charlize Theron is everything in Atomic Blonde, but not enough to save the convoluted script

I had a great time in the cinema, though. The soundtrack is fantastic and the fight direction was superb. It is when the film deals with exposition and story that it…

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What about some USA vacations?

Claudine Giovannoni

My girl and I were planning this trip since a couple years! Actually, I wanted to go back to these places but as well I desired to share the emotions with my daughter and Sara Luna wanted to share this with her school mate Melissa.
We flew with Swiss from Milano to Zurich and then took the direct flight to Los Angeles.
For the first 5 days, we stayed at Dave and Didi’s House in Burbank. I first met David 38 years ago… the emotion to see him after so long was quite great, but he didn’t change much apart from the color of the hair… They did took good care of us and David showed us around L.A.

We had as well the chance to go to the Hollywood Bowl where the group Pentatonix had a fabulous concert on Sunday, July 2nd. We also had the opportunity to meet…

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Buquê de flores.

Depressão com Poesia

Buquê de flores

Traduz amores

Nas mãos dos amantes.

Buquê de flores

Formado de pétalas

Como a bela moça formada.

Buquê de flores

Nos remete na remota imaginação

Como papel e caneta nas mãos do poeta.

Buquê de flores

Jogado ao vento

É casamento.

Buquê de flores

Em qualquer mesa

Atrai o centro do olhar.

Buquê de flores

Enfeita os sentidos

Até os perdidos.

Buquê de flores

Mantém presença

Na dor da ausência.

Buquê de flores

No hospital

Cura alma imortal.

Buquê de flores
No funeral

Lembrar nunca faz mal.

Buquê de flores

De muitas cores

Ou unicolor.

Buquê de flores

Amor e dor

Eu e você



Flores 💐

Floresdo buquê, nascidas para serem efêmeras tentam eternizar nossos momentos.

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A Broken … Quill


By Sight11

A mirror with no reflection
Feels empty inside,
The others all reflect
It just takes and hides.

A mirror with no reflection
Wants no one to know
The pain of not reflecting
Is sometimes reflected when it glows.

A mirror with no reflection
Is not unique in this world
Some are broken, some fragmented,
Some just silently curse.

A mirror with no reflection
Is wondering what to do
Should he remain connected,
Or should he bid adieu?

A mirror with no reflection
Can finally decide
To smile at the heavens
His gaze set at a cliff nearby.

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