Wit always wins


Khaleesi and JonThis is probably going to be a very unpopular post but what the fuck, things have to be said.

Khaleesi is losing it: she’s become arrogant as hell and if I hear her go on about her “birthright” one more time, I’m going to do something real bad.

To be clear, I used to love this girl in the beginning. As recently as last year I wrote a post dedicated to her – I even got half naked to recreate THAT moment when she came out of the burning hut unscathed: Queen 

But, too much stuff has happened and she now just irritates the hell out of me.

Yes, she has united a bunch of people to fight for her, but let’s remember:

1. She’s hot (always helps, I’m sorry but it’s a fact)

2. She has DRAGONS

3. She’s a Targaryien

Then we have Jon Snow who’s also…

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