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Ingredientes 5 ovos inteiros 2 latas de leite condensado 1 vidro de leite de coco 200ml de leite integral 2 xícaras de coco seco ralado Modo de preparo Direto no copo do liquidificador, coloque os 5 ovos inteiros. Junte 2 latas de leite condensado, 1 vidro de 200ml de leite de coco e a […]

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‘’Merica. Fuck, yeah. God bless.’

Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

By Tamara Enz
Cynicism and sarcasm toward my country and its future are hard for me to get around these days; sometimes I trip over them in unexpected ways. This was clear recently when two European friends and I spent a month traveling together in the American West. We discussed the current state of America — the political climate, the gutting of national healthcare, the disenfranchised majority, the “love it or leave it” attitude, the obvious homeless populations, and the nation’s vast resources.

american-flag-pictures-1At some point, one of my friends, in his extroverted and exuberant way, began saying, “’Merica! Fuck, yeah. God bless.” I was amused, of course. This epitomizes what is both great and not so great about America.

I was somewhat annoyed by this antic. It was perplexing. Although I’m not patriotic, being an American citizen has brought many advantages for which I am grateful — among them…

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Kalla den änglamarken – Paradise on Earth part 2

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Här kommer bilder på några av de fridlysta arter, som lever på Tureholmshalvön. De hotas nu av exploatering, som kommer att tränga undan naturen kraftigt. Befintliga husområden kommer att mer än fördubblas om kommunen och markägarens exploateringsplaner går igenom. Det kommer att innebära att levnadsytorna för djuren minskar i stor omfattning och för allmänheten innebär det färre ytor att använda till skogs- och strandvandringar.

Skicka epost till om du vill engagera dig i frågan om Tureholmshalvöns exploatering och Trosa förbifart.

More pictures of protected spieces that lives in the Tureholm peninsula. The politicians wants to help a big landowner to make more billions and zillions of money by exploiting grand nature. The protected animal living places may be destroyed if the plans become reality. That´s not okay. Not to animals and not to public who will loose access to nature in this area.

Säl – seal
Kopparödla – slow…

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Collapsing And Awakening Into Deeper Spiritual Consciousness

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Kalayna Colibri


Painting: The Awakening by Anato Finnstark

“Am I real?”

I laid in my twin bed in a room temporarily shared with my soul friend Gabriel, around this time last year, sobbing. This question rang inside of me as I wept uncontrollable, deep tears. I couldn’t track if it was a part of me and in that moment and the moments that followed, it really didn’t matter. I was crying and shedding layers of persona that came pouring off and out of me. Something was moving, though I wasn’t sure what.

It felt so strange to hold this question… it was a true, ‘wow, I feel so f*cked!’ kind of feeling. The ground that had been established for 29 years of my life, many years of spiritual seeking and emotional exploration, was suddenly in deep question. Who was I? Who AM I? Why did I suddenly feel as…

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Quarta-feira, dia 2/8: Frente Brasil Popular convoca vigília em todo o país pelo impeachment de Temer


Impopularidade de Temer é a maior desde a redemocratização: 95% de reprovação.

Na quarta-feira, dia 2/8, dia da votação da denúncia contra o presidente na Câmara, haverá atos em diversas capitais. Em São Paulo, manifestação será na Avenida Paulista

Via RBA em 30/7/2017

A Frente Brasil Popular fará atos nas capitais na quarta-feira, dia 2/8, quando a Câmara votará denúncia contra Michel Temer (PMDB). A orientação, até lá, é de pressão sobre os deputados favoráveis à permanência de Temer no cargo. Telões deverão ser colocados para que a população, nas ruas, possa acompanhar o voto de cada um dos parlamentares.

Em São Paulo, o ato será a partir das 15 horas, na Avenida Paulista, em frente o escritório da Presidência da República. No Rio de Janeiro, será feita uma vigília no centro da cidade. Em Brasília, a manifestação será em frente ao Congresso Nacional. A concentração está sendo marcada para…

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Fairy Tales, Reimagined: A New Series from Jerry Mahoney


Today, Jerry Mahoney — the writer of the popular blog, Mommy Man — moves into new territory and releases his four-book middle grade series, My Rotten Stepbrother Ruined Fairy Tales. Here, Jerry talks about the inspiration behind reinventing popular fairy tales, the shift to writing for young readers, and the role that blogging continues to play in his journey as an author.

The last time we chatted, you had just published Mommy Man, the book based on your blog. What have you been up to since then? How did this new book series come about?

Jerry Mahoney

My focus these days is still pretty much the same — dadding and writing — although my kids are a bit older now. They’re about to turn eight and are going into third grade. They tell all their friends their dad is an author, which is always a bit awkward, since

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