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Selections from
By a Lake Near a Moon: Fishing with the Chinese Masters

Adaptations from Kenneth Rexroth’s 100 Poems from the Chinese

DeWitt Clinton


May 6

Reading “Thoughts in Exile” by Su Tung P’o
After a Cold Ride North by the Lake

Today I sail north on black
Roads, wave at grazing caribou,
Listen to the honking geese above.
I’ve never known
How to climb above everyone else.
We still dream about Paris
Though it’s thousands of miles away.
Away from my work
I think often of poems.
Most poets I meet
Always want the next poem.
I doubt if we ever go back home.
I hope we can see more of the world.
After all these years what is it that I know
Besides knowing all that I don’t know?
After the longest ride
I’m grateful that I can
Still hear those honking geese.

Flying Digital landscape from photos ©2017 Michael Dickel Fire in the Sky…

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