Video: Duncan says protesters HERE lucky not to be shot/gassed #Venezuela


For some time now, the SKWAWKBOX has been predicting privately that it was only a matter of time before desperate, integrity-free Tories or their mouthpieces tried to ‘weaponise’ Venezuela to attack Jeremy Corbyn. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel and coming up empty on everything else, so it was inevitable.

Sure enough, Tory Minister Alan Duncan got the ‘desperation short-straw’ and was all over BBC News this morning.


A sweating and uncomfortable-looking Mr Duncan tried hard to appear outraged about Venezuela, demanding that Jeremy Corbyn ‘publicly condemn’ Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, ‘or else we’ll have a very good idea what he stands for‘.

caracas-clashes_2838416bProtesters throw ‘Molotov cocktail’ fire-bombs in Caracas, Venezuela

Tories don’t have hearts, of course, but if Duncan did have one, it wouldn’t have been in it because even he must know how desperate it sounds. Or perhaps he was just cognisant of his own…

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