Let us resist hatred!

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

Yet again, and to my deep distress, I read of a violent and unnecessary hate crime – in this case perpetrated against two gay men, who did nothing more outrageous than wear colourful shoes (something I have often been ‘guilty’ of myself).

There is, quite literally, no excuse for this kind of mindless evil.

What has happened to the idea that we attack only as a form of self-defence? And that we think twice before doing even that.

Why is it that, to some people, another’s sexuality or gender orientation is seen as such a red flag that they go in, with metaphorical spears and other weapons, in order to taunt and then destroy the fellow human being standing, or walking, or lying, before them?

When I was twelve, I took a bus journey in to Oxford – and, foolishly as it turned out, sauntered up to the top deck…

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