Why Do Romanians Hate and Fear Russia?

All Things Romania

Over the years, I’ve documented a deep-seated fear and loathing for Russia amongst Romanians, and I really want to know why.

Setting aside, momentarily, reactions to the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin since 2000, I wanted to know if there is any factual basis for all this enmity.

Therefore, I decided to go through the last 500 years of history and see what I could find.

Technically, the origins of the Russian state began around 1,000 years ago, but for the purposes of my research, I’m limiting my analysis beginning with the ascension of Peter the Great in 1672 as he is widely considered as the founder of the modern Russian state.


The term “Romania” refers to different territories at different times. Roughly speaking, there are four Romanian regions:

Transylvania – Today, part of Romania, but under Hungarian control (separate from the Kingdom of Hungary based in…

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