Imaging Brazil 300: Dog Lying in the Grass in Belo Horizonte, MG (2010)

Adriano Antoine

A personal selection of photographs with their stories.

300: Lying in the grass


Brazil is a very beautiful country, many will agree with me. The downside of this beautiful medal is that many Brazilians do not care about the environment. This group leaves its litter negligently on any unused piece of land. For example, green areas and berms are littered with a wide range of waste: plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, pepper, old furniture, old white goods, paint cans, tires, batteries, and much more. The urban waste collectors have much work to clean up this mess, with a limited budget. Nowadays, small projects are being launched to make Brazilians environmentally friendly and to keep their environment clean. The dog in the picture is lying lazily in the grass, which is littered with waste. The grass has almost completely overgrown this waste.

© Adriano Antoine Robbesom 2010, 2017

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