Xdrive Learn Photography 5 – Sharpness

The World Is a Book...

This week, Raj’s lesson is about sharpness. He pointed out several other important factors for taking sharp photos.

Here are my three photos for this lesson.

I captured this bird when she/he was taking a rest with eyes open. I slowly and quietly walked closer to the bird and quickly snapped a couple of shots. The photo is not sharp. 1/160 sec, f 6.3, and ISO 100 with 170 mm (MF is not on), no edit, only cropping.

The photo above is the image of My friend Mr. B. He lets me take a couple of photos if I pet him for a few minutes. He also wants me to talk to him. When I stop talking, he moves his head and tries to get really close to me.

Last time, he let my camera get this close and did not move at all, but I had to keep talking…

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