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So, I met my first famous person today. An’ no, it wasn’t David Tennant (That meetin is in the offin ?) . Well, like David, the fella I met too has a voice that’ll make ya like him instantly. (What’s with me an’ voices, eh?) Well, this guy’s a popular RJ who’s makin waves on Goa’s Indigo 91.9 radio station an’ he’s called RJ Joed Almeida.
Back when I aspired to be an RJ for BBC(that dream didn’t quite materialize, but I’m still gonna have a go at it in the future), I looked up to Joed for inspiration (Well, him an’ Campbell Bain from Takin Over the Asylum , but since we’re talkin bout non-fictional dudes…Joed, it is!). He had one o’ those voices which’d put the listeners and everyone who called in with a request at ease an’ at times, chuckle. My bro an’ I simply love listenin…

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