Isaiah J. Poole: On the Road From Protest to Power — A Rising Tide

Vox Populi

The millions who gathered in Washington and around the country for the historic Women’s March, one day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, made an indisputable statement: Trump may have won the presidency, but he did not win a mandate to govern.

The chants of resistance that rang out in January have since grown into thunder. But they leave a critical question unanswered: Will crowds evolve into a movement that produces leaders with a mandate to govern with a progressive, grassroots-based agenda?

We are beginning to see evidence that the answer will be a resounding “yes.”

No Coincidence

It is no coincidence that the Republican majority in Congress is in such a sorry state. GOP lawmakers entered the summer legislative recess with tails tucked between their legs, unable to ram through the repeal of the Affordable Care Act they had so ravenously campaigned on for years as their top priority, and which…

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