Unbridled Poetry?

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

I was recently contacted by a fellow blogger Jacqueline Oby-Ikoch with a suggestion that we promote each others books. She, and other Indie authors, appreciates that the most difficult part of producing a book is the marketing. Writing a book is challenging, and editing it ready for publishing is even more  challenging… but nobody will ever buy a book that they do not know exists! Marketing can be very expensive, or simply persistent work on the part of the author, so an opportunity to present to a different Blogging “audience” is welcomed. The following link goes to an introduction to my “Just Thinking” book which was recently featured on  Jacqueline’s Blog –

Just Thinking: By Colin Chappell – Author Zone

Now allow me to introduce Jacqueline Oby-Ikoch’s book “Unbridled” with the text provided to me by Jacqueline.

Unbridled, the second poetry collection by Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha was released on 3rd August 2017.

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