The lesson plan || not as good I thought it would be

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lesson plan.jpgTitle: The Lesson Plan

Author: Charlotte Penn Clark

Genre: NA contemporary

Status: Book 3 in the Extra Credit trilogy



The Nerd and the Geek.

When Noah’s passion for classics lands him in a pilot class called Extra Credit for students in trouble he gets more than he bargained for—like Holly, the geeky girl he’s been crushing on who becomes his partner and friend.

Holly’s passion for computers almost got her suspended but at least she got Noah out of it. He’s her best friend—and if he wants more she has no clue.

Together they come up with a lesson plan to help Noah get his head out of his books and Holly get her eyes off a computer screen. But it turns out there’s plenty more to learn from each other. And even the best laid plans….

Extra Credit is a New Adult series that takes place on…

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Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

nomadruss in words and photos


As the season winded down, there was one last trip to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. It was warming enough that the alligators began to arrive. RBT_0651-EditRBT_0684-Edit

A reddish egret in a rare moment of standing stillRBT_0195-Edit

The roseate spoonbills continued throughout the season, much to my delightRBT_0738-Edit

An immature tri-colored heron had learned to fish on its ownRBT_0116-Edit

And possibly a flock of godwits? RBT_0547-Edit

And a tri-colored heron catching the sunsetRBT_0741-EditRBT_6245-Edit

This post was scheduled for this day. NomadRuss is spending the season at Katmai National Park in Alaska. He won’t have solid internet connection again until late September, so responses to comments may be delayed. Please be patient and see you in the fall! Still, look for posts here every Thursday!

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Day 1690: What makes life worth living?

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Yesterday, in a therapy group, somebody asked this question:

Using one word, what makes life worth living?

Somebody replied, “Love.”  Somebody said, “Learning.”  I said, “Everything,” which I thought might be cheating, but people didn’t think so. We noticed that  nobody said “Money.”

Then, last night, after many hours of shopping and trekking all over the South Shore of Boston in preparation for my trip to Scotland on Saturday, I discovered that my wallet was missing.  Suddenly, life seemed very difficult (although still worth living).  Michael suggested we retrace our steps and that I also call the Target Store in Braintree, which was about to close in fifteen minutes. I was almost positive that my wallet was not at Target, but I called anyway.

Here’s the phone conversation:

Me: I was at your store earlier tonight and I’m missing my wallet. I was wondering if anybody turned it in.

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Over at the Blog of Funny Names, I bow to King Dave Carlson

Mark Bialczak

The guy who founded the Blog of Funny Names is battling brain cancer.

So the roster of folks who think Dave Carlson is important to the world have fashioned a series of stories to let him and the big sphere that expands from his goodness just that.

My turn comes today.

My piece starts:

Back when I was wet behind the ears, I dreamed about being a writer for BoFN.

Then Dave Carlson opened his big, fuzzy heart and let me into the big leagues.

Well, something like that.

Long may he rule BoFN.

Please go here to read the rest of my piece about the man I call King Dave. You’ll find there links to an NBC San Diego video story about his battle to beat the disease and continue his studies to become a neurologist, and a Go Fund Me page started by his close friends.

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