Two or three Barry Hannahs, depending on how you look at it (Books acquired, 14 and 18 Aug. 2017) — Biblioklept

Earlier this summer I visited Alias East Books East in Los Angeles, where the clerk kindly let me handle a signed first edition of Barry Hannah’s novel Ray. It was like sixty bucks, so I didn’t handle it too fondly. But somehow the image of the signature rattled around in my silly skull all summer—probably because I spent a big […]

via Two or three Barry Hannahs, depending on how you look at it (Books acquired, 14 and 18 Aug. 2017) — Biblioklept


Segundo especialista em Direito Eleitoral, o chamado distritão atende apenas aos interesses dos políticos que pretendem se manter no poder
Por Redação RBA.
                                                                                                     REPRODUÇÃO/TVTreforma dos políticos

“É uma reforma muito claramente voltada para a essa elite política que já está no poder”, diz especialista

São Paulo – Sem consenso entre os deputados sobre o sistema de votação a ser adotado nas eleições de 2018, as discussões sobre a chamada reforma política deverão ser retomadas na próxima semana. Nesta quinta-feira (17), uma reunião em comissão especial que deveria analisar normas para o financiamento público e privado nas campanhas foi cancelada por falta de quórum.

Um dia…

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Closing Thought–18Aug17

In Saner Thought

After 50 years of conflict!

If anyone can recall our fearless leader said that a Middle East peace deal would be offered in his first days……that did not work out as planned……

By now it is obvious that the “ultimate deal” between Israelis and Palestinians, which President Donald Trump promised in his first days in office, was little more than an optical illusion. A series of conversations with Israeli, Palestinian and diplomatic sources depicts a very different picture. The diplomatic process is bogged down. President Trump is not involved in any way, nor does he have any interest in getting involved. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is severely disappointed with the United States, and the US “peace team” has lost what limited credibility it had on the Palestinian side. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government is rubbing its hands eagerly beneath the table and dismissing all the serious concerns…

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