Lelê Teles: PSDB escala jovem negro para assumir seus erros – Viomundo – O que você não vê na mídia

[Lelê Teles: PSDB escala jovem negro para assumir seus erros – Viomundo – O que você não vê na mídia] é bom. Dê uma olhada! http://www.viomundo.com.br/denuncias/lele-teles-psdb-escala-jovem-negro-para-assumir-seus-erros.html

The battlefield of the mind.

sprinkle of thoughts


“A person’s mind is so powerful. You can create, invent, manifest, experience and destroy things with thoughts alone.”

This goes a long way. The mind is so limitless that we could have an imagination as wild as the universe and find ways to actually make them happen. Nothing really is impossible for the mind. And sometimes instead of using it for our advantage and for the good use, we tend to use our minds wrongly or at least, we don’t use it to it’s potential. Same thing goes for words. They can inspire as well as destroy. They are free but it’s how you use them that can cost you. So let me ask you this question: which do you prefer; verbal/emotional pain or physical pain?

If you look at some movies where villains have been captured and thrown in some creepy cells or dungeons, you see them going through…

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A Couple of Announcements



I am planning a major blog post for tomorrow morning, but there are a couple of things I wish to share now.


Heritage Open Day 2017 is on Sunday September 10, and as usual many King’s Lynn buildings will be opening their doors for the occasion. This year I will be among the volunteers. I will be stewarding at 11-13 King Street between 12 and 2PM. Here are a few pictures of the place taken today:

11-13 King Street 11-13 King Street, where I will be stewarding from 12 to 2PM on Heritage Open Day.

PassageBeyond the passage


There is an online magazine called Autism Parenting Magazine. Amy Sequenzia, a very well known autistic person and autism advocate has had a very bad experience with them recently, as has one of her friends. I found out about this from americanbadassactivists, who put up a post linking…

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