Carolyn Gregory: Gathering the Beasts

Vox Populi

I gather all my beasties close,

the laughing camel and gold

and silver alligator,

a little cat contemplating Buddha.

Happy to have a blue sting ray

sweep through the water,

curious about my feet.

A chameleon with horns perches

on a bright red branch,

his tail a perfect green weight

holding him up.

The beauty in the world often

includes a horn or trunk,

a yellow eye and beak.

Nothing simple or unbroken.

Copyright 2017 Carolyn Gregory


Peaceable Kingdom (c. 1833) by Edward Hicks, American

Trained as a sign, coach, and ornamental painter, Hicks painted over a hundred versions of his now-famous Peaceable Kingdom between 1820 and his death in 1849.

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