I knew I was weird…

Cyranny's Cove

I am, weird. In many ways… Some that might come as a little endearing, and some not so much.

A couple of months ago, I discovered I have been suffering from a cute little thing called misophonia. I just thought I was crazy, but it just seem my brain has a select sensitive sound syndrome. How cool is that, uh??

Misophonia is a condition causing someone to experience strong negative feelings triggered by specific sounds. In most cases, the sounds that provoke anything between mild annoyance to uncontrolable anger, are related to the mouth.

No one enjoys a loud slurper. Then again, I must be wrong about that. I bet there is at least one person on earth who enjoys hearing someone slurping. (I almost said “weirdo” but who am I to throw stones, right?) In fact, there must be at least one person who really gets a kick out…

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