True Grit by Charles Portis


Perhaps this book really needs no introduction, like many classic pieces of literature. It has had two major movie adaptations, and was for a long time required reading on school book lists, so it’s widely known and loved.

It’s the story of 14 year old Mattie Ross, a determined teen who lives in frontier territory. When her father is killed by one of their hired hands while on a trip to buy ponies, Mattie goes to collect her fathers body, and sets out on a course of revenge on the man Tom Chaney, who killed her father. She hires a lawman called Rooster Cognurn, a hard drinking man with questionable morals, but who is deadly with a gun. But in the process, she finds herself also stuck with LaBeouf, a fop who is after big cash for the bounty on Chaney.

Neither of the men want a 14 year old…

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