aubergine with pomegranate molasses

The Circus Gardener's Kitchen

Real food begins and ends with the soil.

In a balanced, organic system, food is grown in the soil and it eventually returns, in the form of composted organic matter, to enrich the soil. For many centuries agriculture has followed this cycle of life and renewal, always looking to work with nature wherever possible. Plants receive nutrients from the healthy soil they are grown in.

But modern industrialised farming methods have given the false illusion that this natural cycle can somehow be broken without consequence. Large-scale chemical-dependent farms take from the soil but they not do not give back. Instead of healthy soils, their activities create dead and dying soils. Tons of artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and the like are pumped into that dying soil in order to feed and “protect” crops. The result, ultimately is soil degradation and desertification, and the loss of more and more of the world’s…

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