34 Minutes

Heed not Steve

Two nights ago, I set my phone to wake me at 3:15am (1:15am Arizona time) so I could catch the 4am shuttle to the airport.

Yay, going home!

But, booo!  That’s so early, right?

It’s early, sure, but, fear not!

I didn’t actually wake up so early.


Instead, I slept through my alarm.


I don’t quite know what happened there.  Did I turn it off in my sleep?  Did I just sleep through it?

I need a scientist to study this.

Anyhow, luckily, I half-woke before the shuttle departed.  I glanced at my room’s alarm clock and couldn’t decipher what I saw:



3:49?  What does that….


I total-woke.

I jumped out of bed, turned on the lights, got dressed, slapped some pomade in my hair, packed all my toiletries, gathered and packed all my electronic devices, gathered and packed all the charging cables for…

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