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Preparation is going on smoothly, and as I gather everything that will be needed during my trip, I soak myself in souvenirs of my two previous trips to help me realize that I am in fact going to set foot in Vikingland again soon!

I’ve been going through my pictures, of May 2016 and last February… It is exciting to know I’ll soon visit some of those places again, and discover new ones as well! I’ve also been listening to my favorite Danish music, to get me “in the mood”.

Lukas Graham is a Danish band, known around the world for their song 7 years. Its singer, Lukas Forchhammer was born and raised in Christiania, the “city in the city” in Copenhagen, and I enjoy many of their songs…

I thought I’d share one that is not as well known as “7 years”, but that I like a lot.


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