Labour Future email untrue as well as misleading – and Labour investigating


As the SKWAWKBOX (and this excellent Prolestar article) revealed, limited company ‘Labour Future’ (LF) has been accused of sending fundraising emails to people that imitate official Labour emails and have confused some people into donating on the assumption that their money is going to the Labour Party, when in fact the total given by LF to Labour appears to be precisely… zero.

The email was untrue as well as misleading. To worry recipients and encourage donations – while positioning itself as equivalent to the Tory party – the email says,

we’re being outraised and outspent by the Tories.

However, this is more than misleading – it’s untrue. As this graphic of the funds raised by UK political parties shows, Labour brings in significantly more funds than any other party, including the Tories – thanks in large part to Labour’s vastly superior membership:

party funding.pngMembers have also complained that…

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