Sketches – 36

No Talent For Certainty

It’s true: just seeing you right there
Asleep – completely at your ease –
I know that love is real and true,
And the one cure for that disease
That plagues humanity, at heart,
For all the shouting, posturing,
In which so many will take part
Today. And yet I see you here,
And hope rekindles, once again:
For once more into days we go,
And need not always go where we have been —

I am guessing that
You are staring at me and
Writing in your head.
Aren’t you?

I ummm… thought you were alseep.

Yes, I gathered that.
Well, at least tell me what
It was about…

Oh, you know…
How beautiful you are, and
Love and
War and
Humanity and
Hope and…
… stuff.


You’ve gone back to sleep,
Haven’t you?

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