Sweets of Bengal by Ambuja Neotia

The Foodinista

Maach, Misti & More !!

Bengali cuisine is one of the finest blends of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Bengal is known as the land of ‘Maach aar Bhaat’

With several forms of delightful delicacies available Misti (Sweet) is surely an emotional and delicate part of Bengali’s emotion which ensures the legacy and eternal love towards it !

I will say Misti, Memories & Madly Bangali !!

Yes, It is a Sweet Start to September Seventeen !!

Ambuja Neotia is Celebrating it’s 8th Anniversary of CC2 in association with T2.

And it can’t be more significant that hosting a Festival like this where Famous Sweet Brands from all over Bengal are showcasing their Invention, Legacy and Patronage !!

Yess !! The main Significance is to Highlight the ever increasing Popularity of the Sweets of Bengal or rather what Bengal is famous for !

This Misti Festival is very Prime part of…

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