#HurricaneIrma Update

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I continue to hope this one will veer farther east, yet, and not ravage the entire coast of Florida, but this is the latest NOAA projection map. As you can see, by 2:00AM Monday morning, Irma is estimated to be arriving at Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona is about 50 miles from us, and this huge storm is well over 100 miles wide. That means that we are very likely to get hurricane force winds Sunday night and into the day Monday. My son lives in Gainesville, about 100 miles north of us, and it appears they will have some really bad weather too, as Irma moves north.

It also appears Irma will be paying a visit to Charleston, S.C., by 2:00am Tuesday morning. My daughter and family live in Charleston. So, right now, this storm is bringing me nothing but worry! South Florida is in even more danger.

I continue to…

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