Are we hazed?

The Dire-Diarist


Women have long lived in and served the patriarchal society. They have for eons vested their time and effort, kept their own desires and ambitions aside and nurtured men and their illogical presumptions. People have forced women, trained women in believing that they deserve to be restrained and cannot and must not step outside. They belong in the kitchen and have no place in the army, banks or industries. Women have been brainwashed to such an extent that were pitted against their own kind.

women belong kitchen, men

It’s a welcoming sign to see people, not only women but also men realise this and urge societies to understand the stereotypes and shackles that have been placed on women and how unjust they are. It’s a sign of a progressive society where women also take it upon themselves to fight against such oppression and have their voice heard. A lot will be said and done…

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