Bad Sequels We Can’t Help But Love

Movies on Weekends

Sequels are notoriously known for being bad. They’re reputation is not that great. There are only a select few that rally to the ranks of greatness. Golden ones that exceed the original and make it better.

These are not those sequels. But we love them anyway! Here’s a selection of films we know are bad, but damn they make us feel good!

Nativity 2 (2012)

Image result for nativity 2Nativity 2 gets a whole lot of nothing in the reaction department – it’s a sequel that’s thought about very little, and discussed even less, because it is, let’s face it, pointless. But to that I say – so was the original. And honestly that’s the charm of the Nativity films. They’re pointless, their utterly ridiculous and implausible – and they’re festive and joyous and full of love and cheesey romance. Honestly what more could you want at Christmas? Are you telling me Jingle All…

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