Ray and uniforms!

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

Ray was originally picked up as a stray by two Humane Society officers (in dark uniforms), and taken in their van to the shelter. When Ray came to live with us, he showed a distinct caution towards some vehicles, and disliked security guards, police, and anybody else wearing a dark uniform! An understandable reaction really.

As with many aspects of Ray, time and lots of TLC have motivated him to change in so  many ways and, just this past weekend, we participated in our Humane Society’s fund raising Mutt Strutt! After the walk, we wandered around the park area where the walk started and finished, and came cross a golden opportunity for a nostalgic pic!

“Hey Mom! I said hello to them so do I get a treat ?”

Time passes so quickly. It does not seem that long ago that he would have been tensing up just seeing those…

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