Molly Fisk: The View from Here

Vox Populi

It’s been a while since I’ve had occasion to see the human form, male version, naked, from behind. Luckily, this circumstance was remedied over the weekend, when I went to the coast to house-sit for some friends who live in a little beach town. It’s not a nude beach, but it has decent surf, and therefore attracts surfers. No, they are not nude surfers! Calm down and let me finish the story…

This small beach town has a hill, with many wooden cottages built every which way, cheek by jowl, all with big banks of windows facing the ocean. I was in one of those, still half-asleep, sipping my morning coffee and watching the waves curl and break, when a movement down on the street below caught my eye. Caught my eye and then held it, while a muscular young man standing next to his car took his pants off…

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