No beauty 

Deeply high

If there was no definition,

No person who defined,

What beauty actually means,

How would you, oh love,

Expound it?

The large mountains

Standing with might above,

Or the pieces of rocks falling from it,

The tapering Brooke or

The malodorous puddle

Which would intend beauty

To you.

The garden of roses is what is beautiful

But what about the forest fire?

Forest fire or the ashes that remain,

Will that be the beauty

Or the rusted chain.

Maybe there won’t be at all

No good no bad,

All at peace, loving

No envy at all.

Once and for all

Let us know how that would be

To have no beauty

To have no beauty.
-Malavika 😊

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Yeh zindagi toh shabdo ka khel hai.


Kya hai shayari, Kaun hai shayar?

Kya hai kavita, Kaun hai kavi?

Kyu kuch shabd aap ke mann ko bha jate hai, Aur kyu kuch shabd aap sun kar unsuna kar dete ho.

Kya hai jazbaat, Kaun hai insaan?

Kyu kuch shabd kisi ko hasa dete hai, Aur kyu vahi shabd kisi ko rula dete hai.

Do wakya sahi to shayari, Aur do wakya galat to gair.

Yeh zindagi toh shabdo ka khel hai,Aur is khel ke aap khiladi.

by Saurabh R Kacholiya(Mēhboob)

Edited by:- Kalyani Patil.

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Os ‘fuzilamentos’ de Bolsonaro (Por Juan Arias )

Luíz Müller Blog

“Se algo deve ser “fuzilado”, neste momento, é a intolerância. E se algo deve ser salvo e com urgência, é a liberdade de viver, de pensar, de criar e de amar como cada um quiser. Todo o resto tem cheiro de morte”

Juan Arias no El País

Deputado tira da gaveta o maldito verbo ‘fuzilar’ contra os responsáveis por uma exposição de arte

Jair Bolsonaro em sessão do Conselho de Ética que rejeitou processo contra ele por elogiar o coronel que foi chefe do DOI-CODI, Carlos Ustrarn
Jair Bolsonaro em sessão do Conselho de Ética que rejeitou processo contra ele por elogiar o coronel que foi chefe do DOI-CODI, Carlos Ustra FABIO RODRIGUES POZZEBOM AGÊNCIA BRASIL

Sou filho de uma guerra civil, a da Espanha, com mais de 1 milhão de mortos – a maioria fuzilados -, e de uma ditadura militar de 40 anos, marcada por mortes e intolerância com as diferenças. Talvez por isso, ao escutar de novo, em um vídeo, a palavra “fuzilar” na boca de Jair Bolsonaro, candidato…

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Cheap lies & dumb points

BEN TROVATO – Durban Poison

So here we are, clinging to shattered shards of hope trying desperately not to get swept away in the poisonous torrents of traducement that spew from the repulsive mouths of our lords of the lies and other vile merchants of mendacity. Our streets are full of toothless hags inventing tales of woe and the courts are packed with prevaricators of every shade. Churches reverberate to the sound of equivocating men fencing their own brand of truth while place of learning are overrun with pseudologists more suited to busking in subways. Parliament is overrun with wool-pulling fabulists and the papers are packed with shaggy dog stories.

Don’t believe what you see, read or hear. Don’t take anything at face value. Question everything and everyone, including the people with whom you live and work.

I saw a headline the other day that read, “Cops hunt for man who shot seven homeless people.”…

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be beautiful for no reason

Poetry of Beauty

you don’t have to do anything
or be anyone
you don’t have to become more
of what you are already
or achieve fame or notoriety


all you have to do is fall backwards
into what you naturally are
and rest
as your beautiful self

just be beautiful for no reason
except that you are here
as a manifestation
of the divine

you are a celebration
and every atom and particle
longs to dance and sing
in that celebration

don’t stand in the way.

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