Be stubborn about your goals..🕶️


Tell me what you do to succeed in anything you do?..

For me..I will keep trying and trying and trying until I get what I want..

They may call you stubborn while you are trying..but u will get what u want..

We can beat someone having talent by working hard..we can beat someone who works hard by using talent..

But no one can beat a person who never gives up..he will definitely reach his goal..

Don’t let anyone cross u or stop u from getting anything u one is there to make your life better..

U r the
hero of ur life..u should rule it..

Be stubborn.. stay on top..😎

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. four boils.

sonja benskin mesher

the planing office is up the road, by the old hospital

that was once a work house for the poor & suffering

to suffer more.


pass by regular on the way to somewhere else.

it is listed so any changes are scrutinised.


there have been a few.


i do apologise

did you say planet?


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