Buddha Shakyamuni: A Real Leader

Vox Populi

A leader should not crave wealth and property, and should dedicate personal resources to the welfare of all.

A leader should cultivate morality: never killing, cheating, stealing, exploiting others, committing adultery, uttering falsehoods, or becoming intoxicated.

A leader should sacrifice for the good of all, giving up personal comfort, name and fame, and even life, if necessary.

A leader should exhibit honesty, integrity, fearlessness, and sincerity, and should not deceive the people, nor show favoritism.

A leader should possess a congenial temperament, exhibiting kindness and gentleness.

A leader should be austere in habits, lead a simple life, and demonstrate self-control.

A leader should be free from hatred, ill-will, and enmity, bearing no grudges.

A leader should promote peace, avoid war, and prevent violence and the destruction of life.

A leader should cultivate patience, forbearance, tolerance, and understanding, patiently enduring hardships, difficulties, and insults.

A leader should not oppose or obstruct…

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