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I’ve been taking quick trips to LA lately. That makes my seafood craving belly very, very happy. Let me walk you through my usual hang outs.

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Yesterday Once More

Hugh's Views & News  

Every now and again, I will read a blog post that makes me wish I’d written it and which shouts out ‘share me!’

This is one such post that I had to share with you. It may be linked to a music feature I write every week, but I loved the memories shared in it.

Written by Kat (who has followed my blog since the very beginning), it’s about a trip back in time where she hands over her blog to her former self (or did her former self, travel forward in time?).

Great memories, which I hope you’ll all enjoy reading.

Source: Yesterday Once More

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I’ve closed off comments here, so please leave any comments over on Kat’s post.

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Where New Grass Returns In Joy! ~by Ramasubba Rao Gandikota


Where New Grass Returns In Joy!

And among leaves new,
Freedoms dwell;
And the breeze that blows thus far
Has discovered them long ago!
A freshness thus arrives
Wherever it blows;
The rounding rills,
The song of the bird,
Resounding in the vale
Where new grass returns in joy!

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6 Spectacular Swimming Pools

Heritage Calling

England is a nation of swimmers: we make around 80 million visits to swimming pools every year.

Liverpool was home to the first municipal baths, opening in 1829. Seventeen years later in 1846, the Baths and Washhouses Act granted local authorities the power to establish these facilities, and offered them the loans to do so.  From 1880-1914, over 600 new baths were established – often rich in detail and innovation, with abundantly opulent interiors.  A mixture of civic pride combined with a greater understanding of hygiene led to this boom in new pools.

The 1930s were the ‘Golden Age’ of lidos, with over 150 built, and another flurry of pool construction came in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Here are six of England’s best pools.

1. Health Hydro, Swindon. Grade II listed

aa98_10418.tif Health Hydro © Historic England Archive AA98/10418

Completed in 1891 for the Great Western Railway Medical…

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Into The Space~by Hansraj Sharma


Into The Space

To jump over
Over to the Moon
Or the Mars
With or with out
Loved ones.
With mutual consent
Playing a character
Character very real
Of today’s time.
Doing dear scientists
Daring devil stunts
One for the fans
Another for no fans.
Extra special
For an array
Endowed with
Innate talent
Proving its mettle
As private players.

Intriguing an entry
Into the space
Over to the moon
Or the mars
The fairies’ world
Dynamic decoding
Needs survival.
Headhunting gets
More challenges
Shifting focus
Focusing to the land
Of opportunities
Scientific way-
As it gets bitter.
Of wit and brain
Spirit and mind
Heart is left to grind.

Captivating an entry
Into the space
Over to the moon
Or the mars
Down to earth
Earth of realities
Hopping above
Leaping out
Into the space.
-Copyright © hrsharma ®2017
Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

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Tip Toe Through The Muck, Egret

This is a young bird and while I labeled it an Egret it might also be a young Little Blue. The angle of the photographs makes an ID a little difficult.

Tip Toe Through The Muck, Egret - Click To Enlarge Tip Toe Through The Muck, Egret – Click To Enlarge

Tip Toe Through The Muck, Egret - Click To Enlarge Tip Toe Through The Muck, Egret – Click To Enlarge

In clear water the color of the legs would be obvious. Young Little Blues have green legs. Wading around all the duck weed makes everything green.

Tip Toe Through The Muck, Egret - Click To Enlarge Tip Toe Through The Muck, Egret – Click To Enlarge

A slight green tint around the eyes could mean a young Egret.

Perhaps I just should have titled this a ‘White Bird’ and covered all options.

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Imagine similarăImagini pentru r moldoveneasca nistreană photos


 Republica Moldovenească Nistreană (RMN) este numele dat de forţele separatiste entităţii politice ilegale autoproclamate în Transnistria.

Republica Moldova a pierdut controlul acestei zone în urma intervenţiei armatei ruse (armata a 14-a) în conflictul din Transnistria.

 RMN  controlează acea parte din teritoriul Republicii Moldova, aflată la est de Nistru (malul stâng), dar şi şase comune, precum şi municipiul Tighina, situate la vest de Nistru. Capitala republicii autoproclamate este Tiraspol. 

Guvernul moldovean nu mai are nici o autoritate asupra regiunii transnistrene, în afară de 6 localităţi din raionul Dubăsari.

Examinând procesul istoric al formării republicilor autonome, observăm că fiecare dintre cele douăzeci de republici autonome existente în 1990 pe teritoriul fostei URSS au fost constituite iniţial prin deciziile sovietelor supreme ale republicilor unionale.

Ulterior, deciziile despre formarea republicilor autonome în componenţa republicilor unionale au fost, în mod obligatoriu, aprobate de Sovietul Suprem al URSS.

De exemplu, decizia…

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