Visiting Beautiful Tulips in Rosalind Park, Bendigo

Safira's Journey

It started from an Instagram account where suddenly I found on explorebendigo. It came up on my instagram, so I am attracted with that. I’m thinking if I could visit there. Then I tried to find a way like searching train to go to Bendigo from where I live. It’s very easy with the train or bus because actually the park is only about 1 km from the station.

I was thinking to go to the park by bus but then I remembered that on map, I saw it’s only 9 minutes to go to the park. That’s true! I just keep walking and following the sign city centre. I was too hungry so I decided to eat food for lunch around therr. It’s dumpling! Yummy dumplings…

Then I went to the park and so many beautiful tulips around there. There are so many people who visit the park also…

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