Green Meme ( Belonging / Harmony)

Black Leadership Analysis

Characteristic Thinking: Seeks inner peace, Everybody is equal, Relative to situation, Harmony in the group, Social and humanizing

Decision Making: Rely on consensus, All must collaborate, Every voice equal, Communal spoils, Teams and committees

Educational Approach: To explore feelings, Shared experiences, Social understanding, Learn cooperation, Self-awareness

Family Structures: Grouping of equals, Participative activities, Highly accepting, All feelings processed, Gentile tolerance

Community Forms: Social safety-nets, Politically correct, Open for insiders only, Highly involving, Community spaces

Life Spaces Norms: Thrives on belonging, Needs participation, Sacrifices for commons, Renewal of spirituality, Collectives set rules

From “Foundation Stones Bedrock Belief Systems that Shape Character, Community, and Country”


Mmusi Maimane

Clyde Ramaline

Dr. Sharif Abdullah

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