Psi Phi Society Meeting

In Saner Thought

Yesterday we held our Psi Phi (ΨΦ) Society Discussion Group held our meeting at a local steak house…..It is a group of 6-10 members that meet occasionally to have a great steak and a good discussion.

Every time I mention the Group someone always thinks it is a scifi convention in the making….I have to explain that they are Greek letters and it is discussion group.

This time the meeting had myself, an archeology professor, a preacher, a math teacher, local software businessman and a nurse……we each bring a topic and we put it in a bowl and our waitress/waiter picks one out and that is our discussion for the evening….

The steak was marvelous…I open my meal with a bowl of French onion soup to die for then the main  8 ounce filet medium…..baked potato with sour cream and butter and a small dinner salad blue cheese dressing……a great…

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