Os militares como mais um fator de instabilidade: a nova rodada da crise, por Eduardo Costa Pinto | GGN

[Os militares como mais um fator de instabilidade: a nova rodada da crise, por Eduardo Costa Pinto | GGN] é bom. Dê uma olhada! https://jornalggn.com.br/blog/ronaldo-bicalho/os-militares-como-mais-um-fator-de-instabilidade-a-nova-rodada-da-crise-por-eduardo-costa-pinto

Happy Birthday To Ya!

One With Vino


I’ve had Gnarly Head wines a few times in my lifetime.  I’m willing to bed that if you’re reading this, many of you have as well.

And if you’ve had their wines, you realize how affordable they are.  Which mean an accessibility and affordability that is always welcome and should be never taken for granted.  And speaking of never taking things for granted…

I was honored to be invited to a fantastic gathering this past weekend for a dear friends birthday.  The crowd was intimate, the food was spectacular, the booze was plentiful, and the weather could not have been better.

As much as I love summer, I’m getting more of an appreciation for fall.  In the summer, people leave town and then they leave town.   So there’s that disconnect.  Plans can be unpredictable but then can be predictable just like that.  I don’t think there’s a right or…

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At least once…

the creative life in between

At least once.

As the sun sets,
and this one day ends…

can I look back and say
that at least once…

I was kind to someone,
I let someone be kind to me.

I was strong,
I was gentle.

I smiled and laughed,
I made someone smile and laugh.

I knew when to talk,
I knew when to listen.

I learned something,
I taught something.

I did something for someone,
I did something for me.

I told someone “I love you.”

I remembered to love myself.

As the sun sets,
and this one day ends.

Cheers & Hugs,

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Interview Alert: Henry Herz

Lauri Fortino's Frog On A (B)Log

34006335Did you know that September 19 was International Talk Like A Pirate Day? You didn’t? Well, I’ll bet today’s interviewee, multi-published author Henry Herz, knew. His latest picture book, Cap’n Rex & His Clever Crew, published August 1, is overflowing with pirate pizzazz and dinosaur daring.

Let’s find out more about Henry Herz and Cap’n Rex, and a bit about his two sons, too, who’ve helped Henry create four indie-published children’s books!

We don’t often hear about authors working with their children. How did this collaboration begin?

Ten years ago, when my sons were five and seven years old, I wanted to share my love of fantasy with them. Struck by inspiration one day, I came up with a way to share the joy of entering the magical realms of fantasy. I would write a fantasy book for them.

What I did not anticipate was that my boys would give…

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Aumentar a Igualdade de Oportunidades

Blog Cidadania & Cultura

Naercio Menezes Filho é professor titular, Cátedra IFB, coordenador do Centro de Políticas Públicas do Insper, professor associado da FEA-USP e membro da Academia Brasileira de Ciências. Publicou artigo (Valor, 22/09/17) sobre “a ficha que caiu”: a desigualdade na distribuição da renda do trabalho diminuiu um pouco, porém a concentração da renda do capital, em especial, da riqueza financeira — e talvez da imobiliária — se elevou. Uma coisa é a pobreza, outra é a desigualdade. O combate à primeira não necessariamente altera a segunda. Reproduzo-o abaixo.

“Um estudo divulgado recentemente aparentemente mostra que a desigualdade no Brasil não teria diminuído nos últimos anos: Extreme and Persistent Inequality New Evidence for Brazil – MARC MORGAN WID WP 2017-12. Se isso for verdade, um dos principais legados do período em que o PT permaneceu no governo federal não teria realmente ocorrido. Mas parece claro que o padrão…

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The Death of Language

Matthew Barlow

We live in an era where the President of the United States labels anything he doesn’t like as #FAKENEWS.  Last year, we watched Brexit succeed (at least in a referendum) where the Leave side was guilty of inventing several truths that were actually lies.  And one of the President’s surrogates has coined the term ‘alternative facts’ to describe lies.  I wrote about this last year in the wake of the Presidential Election.

The damage to public discourse and the use of language through politicians who lie nearly every time they open their mouth is obvious.  But there is another source of danger when it comes to the actual meaning of words and their usage: sports journalism.

As my friend John likes to note, nothing should ever get in the way of ESPN’s ‘hot take’ on any and all, most notably language and truth.  But it’s not just ESPN.  Take, for…

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