…good professional cover artwork is not a cost… it’s an investment…

Seumas Gallacher

…early in my scribbling career I grasped  the difference between the ‘Author’s Voice’ and the ‘Author’s Brand’… the ‘Author’s Voice’ is that style of yer writing that lets readers know who is the author, even without seeing the name on the book’s title… fr’example, pick up any novel from Charles Dickens, Lee Child, Dan Brown, or Robert Louis Stevenson, without knowing who wrote them, and it won’t take long before yeez recognize the ‘Voice’ belonging to each respective writer… on the  other hand, the ‘Author’s Brand’, is the persona created by, or on behalf of, yerself (if yeez are fortunate enuff to be able to afford and source a great marketing firm)… in modern publishing circles, that’s more likely to be through the SOSYAL NETWURKSand a Blog, which allows readers and others to identify yer own character… yerself as a person (heaven forfend –…

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