General Tso Chicken

In Dianes Kitchen


General Tso Chicken tastes so good. I cheated and bought General Tso Sauce from the store. I know, I know almost all of my recipes are always made from scratch, but it was a busy day and this meal was pretty easy and quick to make using the bottle of General Tso Sauce. I made rice and broccoli with it to complete a delicious meal!

Salt and pepper the cut up chicken pieces to your taste. Place oil in a large fry pan and heat over medium heat until the pan and oil are hot. Add chicken and fry until cooked through. Do not over cook but make sure no pink remains.


Add enough General Tso sauce to coat all of the chicken and have some extra sauce in the bottom of the dish. Stir well and keep warm.


Prepare rice according to package directions.


Prepare broccoli according to package directions. I buy…

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