The Death of Household Productivity

Granola Shotgun

A couple of months ago a friend sent me some images from Florida. He and his family were visiting his wife’s parents who live in a comfortable retirement community. To quote: “Here’s where we’re staying for the next few weeks. Sun City Center. It’s very superficially nice. My father-in-law has had to look things up in the HOA rule book at least three times since we got here on Saturday.”

Among many of the observations that he shared with me was a conversation with neighbors who debated the relative merits of different investment strategies now that their primary earning years are over. One resident paid cash for his home and moved his other funds in to low risk securities. He thinks it’s better to absorb the “opportunity cost” of keeping money on the sidelines rather than risk losing his savings to the vicissitudes of the market. He’s too old…

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