Exclusivo: Livro de Tacla Duran revela os subterrâneos da delação premiada na Lava Jato

  Esta reportagem é a primeira da série financiada através de crowdfunding feito em parceria entre o Jornal GGN e o DCM. Outras virão. Obrigado pelo apoio. Fique ligado.   As delações  premiadas O instituto da delação premiada é recente na história do direito penal brasileiro. E passou a ser utilizado exaustivamente na Operação Lava […]

Fonte: Exclusivo: Livro de Tacla Duran revela os subterrâneos da delação premiada na Lava Jato

Moro não aceita que acusação sobre recibos seja rebatida | GGN

Jornal GGN – Depois da resposta do Hospital Sírio Libanês, de que o advogado Roberto Teixeira não visitou Glaucos quando de sua internação, o juiz de piso Sergio Moro extrapolou de sua função de juiz

Fonte: Moro não aceita que acusação sobre recibos seja rebatida | GGN

“The waltz of the angels”


The waltz of the Angels

I told the barkeeper. Keep the long Island ice teas coming. Sunday morning is a-coming. I need to be blinded by the morning. He gave me a sad smile and he poured the five alcohols into the large glass. He handed me the drink and he told me. “Slow down Johnnie. I have called Jenny. She is coming for you. My dear sister is a broken hearten woman who loved you so. The damn drink will kill you before war and life. She waited for you and you forgot her face and her name.”

I looked at him and with a sad smile. I told him. I didn’t forget dear Jenny. When I was away in Africa and Asia. I dreamed of her daily. I wanted to have her near. Do the Texas two-step with her till the morning light . My father and grandfather…

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The Silent Wave news and updates 😁

the silent wave

I’m here! All is well, although I have little time and just a few energy units left for the day, so I reckon this post will be sort of mundane lol. 😉

First, I wanted to let y’all know that I did get the Bloglovin’ “claim your blog” issue resolved. I learned that, at least these days, they will indeed remove your blog upon request and they will also restore your blog if it’s been removed. They look like pretty stand-up people so far, I’m delighted to say!

Second, I’ve been going back through my entire blog (560+ posts!) and I’ve been assigning image credits and links to the creators/sources of those images, when and where I can find them. If it’s some wallpaper conglomerate or copycat site, then I won’t bother for now, but if I can identify an artist, I will certainly give them credit and the shout-out…

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L’ivresse de la tendresse

Images et sentiments

Je prends mon coeur

par le  bras,

le frictionne

d’eau de tendresse,

lui bandant les yeux,

aux fausses promesses

de nos dirigeants.


mon coeur et moi

irons nous baigner

dans une rivière de douceur,

loin des bruits contradictoires

de la foule,

loin des guerres, des ouragans

et des séismes.


main dans la main,

bien avant le crépuscule,

nous partirons,

mon coeur et moi,

vers d’autres sentiers,

vers les chemins du calme,


mon coeur et moi

chanterons au bras

de notre amie, Allégresse

DEMAIN… nous marcherons en harmonie

avec l’ivresse de la tendresse.

DEMAIN… pour purifier l’aujourd’hui.

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