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the silent wave

I’m here! All is well, although I have little time and just a few energy units left for the day, so I reckon this post will be sort of mundane lol. 😉

First, I wanted to let y’all know that I did get the Bloglovin’ “claim your blog” issue resolved. I learned that, at least these days, they will indeed remove your blog upon request and they will also restore your blog if it’s been removed. They look like pretty stand-up people so far, I’m delighted to say!

Second, I’ve been going back through my entire blog (560+ posts!) and I’ve been assigning image credits and links to the creators/sources of those images, when and where I can find them. If it’s some wallpaper conglomerate or copycat site, then I won’t bother for now, but if I can identify an artist, I will certainly give them credit and the shout-out…

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