Stuffed calamari

Recipes by chefkreso

This morning Zagreb was covered in fog, like a cold blanket it settled above the streets and crawled in between the buildings. I could feel the cold air trying to get in through the windows of my apartment, while I was trying to find the sun they said was coming out today. Unable to find it, I just wished I was at the seaside again, where my friends who live at the coast still go each day for a swim even though it’s the middle of October.

DSC_0343 Island Vis, Croatia

What always gets me out of this funk is cooking, and I just had all of the ingredients for a perfect summer recipe! Even though there are many ways of preparing calamari, still one of them which I find most delicious is Stuffed calamari. I bought some today at the local market, freshly caught the day before in the Adriatic…

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