Autism and mirroring

the silent wave

I was learning how to be a doctor.  I was steeped in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, clinical diagnosis, physical diagnosis, pediatrics, geriatrics, and plenty of “this factoid will likely show up on boards.  Hint” moments.  The blood (draws), sweat, and tears I was putting into this eight-year project held great promises of a brighter tomorrow.  (Heh.  Not quite.)

But there was one catch.  (Isn’t there always?)  I’ll tell you a little secret.

I had absolutely no clue how to interact with people in general, let alone while wearing a white clinic coat.

So, I’ll tell you another little secret.

Just as I had in childhood and all throughout my life thereafter, I postponed getting right out there and throwing myself into rooms with clinic patients during my internship.  I took the first month or two, and I sat back and watched.

Unfortunately, the other people in the clinic provided poor examples. …

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