Vegetarian Apartment Complex in Veda Village, Russia


Veda Village, a block of flats, is designed only for vegetarians who want to live in a community.

The first and important condition for buying or renting an apartment is to be a vegetarian. Customers are interviewed by real estate agents and if they do not, they are rejected.

Veda Village – A Vegetarian-Only Apartment Complex in Russia

However, a non-meat diet is not the ticket for a place in the ‘Vento Village’, as it is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol.

“Veda Village” aims to become a sustainable community in which residents will be self-sufficient in energy, water, waste treatment and food production.


The apartment complex has a yoga center, a gym, a spa, shops, caring facilities, an educational center as well as a vegetarian restaurant.

Two of the seven multi-storey apartment buildings in Veda Village have already been completed, while others are scheduled to be completed in 2018. The whole complex will be able to accommodate up to…

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