Jane Austen couples remixed!

M. Miles

Jane Austen is the queen of satirical romances. Crack open one of her novels, and you can expect to watch the characters blunder around for a few hundred pages before finally stumbling up to the altar.

Despite all their missteps, we tend to love Austenian characters and relationships. They feed into the wonderful idea that opposites attract and that love can overcome all obstacles (even when the obstacles come from within).

But what if we take a different tack?

What if we assume that similarities, rather than differences, make for compatible couples? What if we decide to be a bit less forgiving of romantic blunders?

I decided to use these guidelines to remix some of Austen’s couples, beginning with…

Fanny Price and Colonel Brandon

Fanny Price (from Mansfield Park) is, undeniably, one of Austen’s sweetest heroines. She puts up with a tyrannical uncle, an aunt who treats her like a…

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