ISIS This, ISIS That

In Saner Thought

Does anyone remember ISIS?  I ask because not much is in the news these days…..with all the sex and Russia stuff….ISIS has been pushed to the back page….but we still have troops that are fighting their way to crush this barbaric bunch of pigs.

When was the last time you heard the term “ISIS” used?

Been awhile, huh?

Good thing you found your way to IST….we have news and more…..

ISIS may be sliding from the news but they have gone no where…….

ISIL’s shift to guerrilla tactics has been underway since early last year. As the group lost more territory, it gradually adjusted its tactics to adapt to its new environment and to the relentless air and ground campaign against it. But on October 12, ISIL officially telegraphed its intention to switch to full insurgency mode. The group’s Arabic bulletin Al Naba published a report detailing the last time…

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